Meals are pre-ordered and pre-paid by the week. All orders for the following week must be turned in and paid for by Thursday of the current week. 

This allows Ms. Bridget to accurately plan meals and quantities for the week. Students may pick and choose what days they participate in the lunch program. There is no need to buy lunch every day unless you wish to do so. 

Monthly menus are available, and weekly order forms will be sent home in student folders. They may also be picked up from the trays next to the office. Orders need to be turned in to the Lunchroom box by the office by Thursday each week.
 PLEASE do not turn in late orders.

Checks should be made out to "
Bridget Dlabaj." Cash payments are also accepted. You may also use PayPal; send payments to  However you choose to pay, please make sure that you note your child's name on the payment so that Ms. Bridget knows which account to credit. Also, please do not pay for lunches with other school payments, as the lunch accounts go directly to Ms. Bridget and not through the school office.​

Welcome to the Parent Portal - your one stop for questions regarding our school calendar, events, fundraisers, Parents as Partners, lunch menu, and our day-to-day happenings. Check here first when you need to know what's going on at FCDS!

Enrollment Packets FAQ:

What is the due date to turn in my enrollment paperwork? You can enroll your child in FCDS all the way up until the first day of school, so there is no definite due date. However, in order to make sure that your child has a space, or if you would like to request a specific teacher, you should be aware that children are placed on a first-come, first-served basis according to who brings completed paperwork. Priority enrollment for FCDS families ends March 8. If you wait too long, there is no guarantee that the class or teacher you hope for will be available. Additionally, the office staff uses enrollment information to help determine how many classes to offer and which grade levels those classes should be; when many parents wait until summer to enroll, they sometimes find that their desired class was closed and a different one opened because we didn't think that we would have enough students to fill the class. Bottom line: sooner is better!

Do I have to turn in the entire packet now? Can't I just turn in the top page enrollment application? Yes, you could. The only page required to reserve a spot is the top page of the enrollment application, as well as the deposit. We urge you, however, to go ahead and just get the whole thing done. Remember Document Day and Meet the Teacher, when some of you spent an hour or more waiting to see Ms. Emily to turn in your paperwork? We'd like you to be able to skip that, if possible. Getting your paperwork done now makes your life easier later. 

We filled out that big packet last year. Nothing has changed. Do we have to do it again? Yes, unfortunately. The larger enrollment packet is a state-issued packet, and state regulations require it to be completed each year. You do NOT have to resubmit birth certificates or shot records, if the shot records will remain current through next fall.

Do I have to wait until March to enroll siblings that will be attending FCDS next year? Definitely not! Priority enrollment is available for all FCDS families, not just individual students. If you plan to have siblings join us next year, turning in that paperwork before open enrollment begins in March gives you the same early access to classes and teachers. And, if you turn in your completed enrollment application and deposit by Friday, March 8 (before Spring Break), you can take $50 off your enrollment fee!



Parents as Partners is our school-wide volunteer program in which parents and families provide items and services we need to help complete events and special days at the school. By helping to offset these costs and time spent working, the PAP program allows us to keep our tuition low, while still offering a variety of fun events and special programs for our students.



LUNCH PRICES: $4.00 per lunch for all age     LUNCHROOM MANAGER: Bridget Dlabaj


   Thursday, August 8th from 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. in the main building. Come and go at your convenience. Be ready to:

​         * turn in all required paperwork for enrollment, if you have not already done so

         * turn in birth certificate and vaccination records, if they are not already on file

         * sign the annual contract for student enrollment

         * make August's tuition payment, and pay any appropriate fees 

         * drop off student's school supplies, and meet your child's teachers in their classrooms

         * pay $35 for Jeans Friday (not applicable for PK2 and PK3; optional for PK4 and up)

         * get August's lunchroom menu

         * learn about and sign up for Parents as Partners volunteer opportunities