Stephanie Dretel

School Nurse

Racheal Wilcher

2 Year Olds

Andrea Correa

Music and Spanish


Bridget Dlabaj

3 Year Olds

Laya Camarillo

2 Year Olds

Anna Dobbs

4th - 5th Grade

Sandra Ames

4 Year Olds

Jessica Baker


Devin Chandler

2nd - 3rd Grade & Elementary Reading

Melanie Trojacek

Art and Library

Traci Moore

4 Year Olds

Penny Warren

1st Grade

Debbie Aday

School Director

Elementary Math

Shannon Adams

Homeschool Support Program

Parents as Partners Program

Jonathan Mallios

Safety and Security Coordinator

Emily Bosher

Administrative Assistant

Joanne Peace

4 Year Olds

Erin Ivy

6th - 8th Grade &

Elementary​ English

Chelsea Pedersen

3 Year Olds

Sheila Gonzalez

Elementary Spanish