Erin Ivy

6th - 8th Grade &

Elementary​ English

Traci Moore

4 Year Olds

Anna Dobbs

4th - 5th Grade

Debbie Aday

School Director

Elementary Math

Sandra Ames

4 Year Olds

Jessica Baker


Shannon Adams

Homeschool Support Program

Parents as Partners Program

Andrea Correa

Music and Spanish

Laya Camarillo

2 Year Olds

Jonathan Mallios

Safety and Security Coordinator


Sheila Gonzalez

Elementary Spanish

Joanne Peace

4 Year Olds

Bridget Dlabaj

3 Year Olds

Racheal Wilcher

2 Year Olds

Penny Warren

1st Grade

Melanie Trojacek

Art and Library

Devin Chandler

2nd - 3rd Grade & Elementary Reading

Stephanie Dretel

School Nurse

Emily Bosher

Administrative Assistant

Chelsea Pedersen

3 Year Olds