​STEAM and STEM electives begin August 28 and end December 11. 

Spring 2020 Elective Day begins February 5 and ends April 29.

​STEAM and STEM labs begin January 15, 2020.



First Christian Flex Program

Teachers and Parents Working Side By Side


The opportunity to homeschool is a gift, and we understand that families who embark on this adventure have unique needs. You may be concerned about your child's progress in a specific subject, or perhaps you realize that you don't have the resources to teach certain electives. Maybe you want to homeschool part time, but need some help to fill in the gaps for days that you have other obligations.

We're here to help with all of those situations! Our Flex Program is designed for children working at Kindergarten level through 8th Grade. Parents can choose from single class, half-day or full-day enrollment; core subjects or electives; even how many days a week you wish your child to attend. Children who enroll in the Flex Program are considered part of our First Christian family, and are invited to participate in every school activity we do, including parties, field trips and special events. 

Homeschool families now have more choices and resources available to them than ever before. We appreciate that you've taken the time to visit our site, and we hope that your family will soon become a part of our family!