Founded in 1982, First Christian Day School serves students in Waxahachie and the surrounding areas by providing classes for Preschool 2 - 4 year olds and Kindergarten through upper grades. It is our purpose to provide a strong academic program which prepares students for successful adulthood. Our school, which is part of First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), has developed over the years from a preschool to a primary school to upper grades. We teach Bible based religion in our classrooms and are dedicated to service to the Lord by providing a Christian atmosphere in which children may grow and thrive.   

The mission of First Christian Day School is to promote positive learning opportunities for each student. Those opportunities allow each student to develop academically, spiritually, physically, and emotionally. Students should value achievement, respect and care for others, embrace diversity, communication, responsibility and trust in God.   

We strive to make our school an experience where each of our student's educational endeavors is appreciated and encouraged. Core subjects are taught from the whole child perspective. Religion is a fundamental part of our curriculum and is enhanced with daily Chapel services and through a classroom Character program. Along with Core Curriculum students also participate Art, Spanish, Physical Education, Computer and Vocal Music programs.